Feed Through Fly Control

Feed through fly control supplements offer you and your horse an effective alternative to topical fly sprays and insect barriers. Mixed into your horse's daily feed ration, feed through fly control delivers insect growth control regulators that pass through into your horse's manure. When the stable fly and house fly maggots feed on this manure, they are unable to mature into adults. The immature flies then die, breaking the life cycle and reducing or eliminating the flies in your barn, stable or corral.

With options like Solitutde IGR by Zoetis and Simplifly by Farnam, you can significantly reduce the number of flies that bite or irritate your horses during the summer months. By reducing the amount of topical, chemical fly sprays, feed through fly control can create a healthier environment for horse and rider. When used on all the horses in a barn, stable or racetrack, these products have shown to be extremely effective, But remember, a house fly can travel 20 miles and a stable fly can reach 70 miles! So combine good stable management, topical products as needed and feed through fly control products from Mary's Tack and Feed part for a multi-pronged approach to fly control for your horse this summer.