Myler Correction Med Port MB27PB Embossed Seven Shank

Myler Bits

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Myler Correctional Medium Ported Barrel MB27PB Embossed Seven Shank

The Myler Embossed Seven Shank Bit with MB27PB Correctional Medium Ported Barrel mouth offers quick and efficient control with a narrow port that still allows comfortable room for the horse's tongue. The stainless steel 7 1/2 inch Embossed Seven Shank gives moderate leverage plus classic good looks with its floral pattern and concho. The Myler Bits MB 27PB Medium Ported Barrel mouthpiece in polished sweet iron is a Level 2-3 bit.

  • MB 27PB MP mouth
  • Sweet iron with copper inlay
  • Stainless steel 7 1/2 inch shanks
  • Independent Side Movement
  • Level 2-3

The MB 27PB Medium Ported mouthpiece rotates onto the tongue and will collapse onto the outer lip and bars. There are two pressure points on the tongue when reins are engaged, giving the rider quick control.o the tongue. The port offers room for the tongue and will not apply palate pressure. The sweet iron mouthpiece with copper inlay oxidizes to a pleasant flavor to encourage salivation.  The Myler Embossed Seven Shank is designed to use with a curb strap attached to the purchase.  With a fixed cheek and rein, this shank bit applies pressure to the mouth, chin and poll.

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(No reviews yet)