Health and Wellness

Health, Wellness, & Spa Products for Riders

There's no denying that the equestrian life can be tough on your skin. When you're outdoors in all weather, bathing horses, doing barn chores or vet care, or simply tacking up, your hands and fingernails can suffer. Make it up to yourself with some delectable spa products from Mary's Tack. Wellness products include therapeutics like Back on Track items  and Riders Sleeves that help protect your arms from damaging UV rays.

If your hands are dry and chapped, try the heavenly smelling Horseman's Therapy or Awakening Hands Mineral Moisture Lotion to soothe and heal. For lips, soothing lip balm from Effol is effective, high quality products for protecting and moisturizing. Try Hoof Alive ointment on your cuticles for a quick spa treatment for your hands. Indulge in spa products from Mary's for yourself or a fellow equestrian. An assortment of soothing lotions, lip balms, and bath products makes an ideal gift for trainers, barn friends, or non-horsey people who appreciate thoughtful little luxuries.