Gags and Elevator Bits

Horse Gag Bits & Elevator Bits from Top Tack Brands

If you have a horse that frequently leans into the bit or pulls against the reins, a gag bit or elevator bit may be the right choice for your next tack upgrade. Mary's Tack and Feed carries a vast assortment of these effective and high-quality gag and elevator bits in all styles and sizes, enabling you to create a completely customized setup that works for both you and your horse.

Shop bits from top name brands like Stubben, Beris and Happy Mouth for some of the most affordable prices that you'll find anywhere online. Mary's offers the Nathe elevator bit for a gentle yet effective touch that's ideal for young horses or horses with more sensitive mouths. If you're looking for an even softer and more accessible option, our 3-ring Mullen comfort gag bit is incredibly subtle and well-designed.

You'll even find unique, beautifully constructed Centaur gag bits with incredible features like disks that the horse can play with to discourage pulling at the bit. With so many advances in horse bridles and bits, Mary's Tack and Feed's selection of gag bits will take your communication with your horse to the next level.

From slow twist loose ring gag bits to full cheek gags, we carry just about every type of elevator or gag bit here at Mary's Tack and Feed. If you're uncertain about which bit is right for your horse, you can even take advantage of our Bit Rental Program and try the bit out for just $10 for one week!