Equine Nutrition is a big part of what we do here at Mary's Tack.  Our resident Equine Nutritionist, Dr. Colleen Wilson, is happy to provide thoughtful answers to your questions about feed, supplements, and the benefits of both to your horse.

Did you know that Dr. Colleen developed Nutrient Scoop?  Yep! The 11-in-1 scoop supplement was inspired by Dr. Colleen's love for equine health, and her own experiences as an avid horsewoman. High quality, bio-available ingredients in a cost effective package make Nutrient Scoop a great choice for every horse. 

Dr. Colleen truly enjoys utilizing her education in the sciences, formulary experience, and lifetime of practical horse knowledge to create equine nutritional products that really make a difference!  Dr. Colleen loves helping horse owners balance and improve their horses’ nutritional programs. 

You can learn more about Nutrient Scoop here.

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