Training Equipment

Get essential tools for equestrian training when you shop online at Mary’s Tack and Feed. Our selection of horse training equipment covers key products needed for Western and English riding. These tools are sorted into categories to make it easy to quickly find exactly what you need, whether it’s a set of spurs, a crop or a German martingale. Prepare your horse for anything from hunting to reining to general horseback riding by choosing from these collections of quality horse training tools.

Horse Training Essentials

Training a horse is about much more than just getting ready to participate in competitive equestrian events. Whether or not you plan to compete with your horse, training will help both you and the horse to remain safe and comfortable. At Mary’s Tack and Feed, you’ll find a great selection of equestrian equipment designed to give you the results you need. You’ll find a number of spurs, crops, and other items that allow you to signal your horse in certain situations. Other items, such as draw reins, lunge lines, surcingles and martingales can be used to encourage proper balance and behavior as your horse learns the behaviors you are asking for. These types of horse training aids help encourage your horse to properly carry himself for any event and make training easier for you and your horse.

Trusted Equestrian Brands

We’re committed to helping horse enthusiasts and professionals find the very best equestrian products. When you shop on our website for horse training equipment, you’ll find high-quality tools and accessories from some of the most trusted names, including Waldhausen, Bobby’s English Tack, Weaver Leather, Walsh and Toklat. Each product featured in our collections is made with durable materials and designed to produce the best training results. Shop confidently at Mary’s Tack and Feed for all your horse training needs.