Nathe TN Snaffle Gag Bit


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Nathe TN Snaffle Gag

The Nathe TN Snaffle Gag features a flexible tapered mullen mouth in Nathe thermoplastic material over a stainless steel core. The smooth plastic mouthpiece is hypoallergenic for your horse and remains flexible and warm even in very cold temperatures. The TN Snaffle Gag is a curb bit used with two sets of reins. The bit guards are included with this bit.

  • Nathe 41340
  • 20mm mouth thickness
  • 70mm ring diameter
  • Thermoplastic mullen with steel core
  • Bit guards included

Nathe TN Snaffle Gag is a good bit for the rider with a gentle hand who is working with a horse that is strongly forward and pulls down. The various elements of the Nathe TN Snaffle Gag allow for finesse and fine adjustments by the rider. The TN Snaffle Gag has a fixed ring attachment for the cheek and a covered rope chin piece. The rope chin threads through small loops in the gag ring and attaches to the rein ring. This adds chin pressure when the curb rein is engaged. Due to the thermoplastic material in this bit, the Nathe TN Snaffle Gag is not eligible for the Mary's Bit Rental.

(No reviews yet)