CATAGO FIR-Tech Bandages

CATAGO Equestrian

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CATAGO FIR-Tech Bandages

The CATAGO FIR-Tech Polo Bandages help support increased blood flow and fatigue reduction for your horse's legs. Ceramic particles are permanently woven into the FIR-Tech fabric and work by reflecting body heat back into tissues as far infrared. These leg bandages are a soft fleece with an elastic bandage section that keeps the wrap properly in place.

  • Set of 4
  • FIR-Tech ceramic particle therapy
  • Supportive, stretchy
  • 12' length
  • Increases circulation
  • Black, Navy, Plum, Urban Chic, Walnut

CATAGO FIR-Tech leg bandages consist of 77 inches of the ceramic particle fleece and 65 inches of a stretchy bandage that helps hold the therapeutic leg wrap in place prevents loosening. The FIR-Tech polo wraps conform to the leg, assuring complete contact for maximum benefit. Give your horse the comfort and relief of FIR-Tech ceramic therapy with the set of four CATAGO FIR-Tech Polo Bandages. One size.


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