REM Restoration Equine Mask


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REM Restoration Equine Mask

REM Restoration Equine Mask promotes more restful sleep for your horse with blue light blocking technology. Horses that are at a show, in a vet clinic,traveling, or are stalled indoors under lights may get too much light to produce melatonin needed for rest and recovery. The REM Standard Mask is comfortable and does not block the horse's vision.

  • Blocks 100% of Blue Light
  • Blocks 100% of UV Light
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Black with amber lenses

A study with the REM Restoration Equine Mask showed 67% of masked horses with a substantial increase in melatonin overnight compared to non-masked horses in the same setting.The unique sleep mask for horses has amber lenses that block both Blue Light and UV Light. Horse owners report having a more well-rested horse with reduced stress levels at the shows. The mask has lightweight mesh and soft fleece around the ear holes and serves as a fly mask while blocking blue light. The REM Restoration Equine Mask is the result of a partnership between EquiBrand & Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals in Texas.


Medium- Small Quarter Horse/Arab
Large - Average Horse
X-Large - Warmblood

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