Maximize your trip to Mary's Tent Sale!

23rd Jan 2020

Maximize your trip to Mary's Tent Sale!

Do These 3 Things To Maximize Tent Sale...

1.Make a list of what you need, starting with top priority items. Take a look through your  tack trunk, closet, garage, and tack shed. Is your horse's turnout blanket beyond repair?  Tall boots seen better days? Pony needs a leather halter? What about a helmetshow clothingbarn jacketbridle...? Don't wait till Tent Sale is over to discover your  spur straps are hanging on by a thread. Know what you need. When you enter the store on the first day of Tent Sale (Friday February 14th) it is exciting and a little overwhelming. So much merchandise! With tons of freebies, prizes, vendors, and long-lost friends, it is easy to get distracted. Don't assume you'll remember your wish list - write it down. Make a beeline for the items on your list and grab the colors and sizes you need. There will be plenty of sales associates to assist. You (or one of our helpful runners) can take your purchases outside to the tent where there is a convenient Holds area. Once your must-haves are safely stowed, look to the next items on your list. Rinse and repeat.

2. Visit every area of the store. This might require another trip on Day 2 or Day 3 of the sale, but you won't want to miss anything. Pro tip: you will definitely miss something your first time through.  Mary's Tack & Feed is a huge store and it gets even "huger" for Tent Sale! The  supplements and horse care section appears to double, we bring in more saddles and tack, and there are specials on everything from  sun shirts and kids riding clothes to fly spray and horse boots. There are 2 floors inside the store plus the large tent. It would be a shame to miss out on that awesome Ariat jacket that's tucked into a rack of clearance  outerwear. It's right there waiting for you! Even if you don't "need" a  show shirt, get one. You will need it eventually and why not get it at the lowest price of the year? Think you have enough  socks? No, you never have enough  socks.

3.Come back on Day 3. Sunday February 16th will be the last day of the Mary's Tack & Feed Tent Sale 2020. This is the perfect time to stock up on  barn supplies you will use all year long. There is less pressure once you've snagged all your bargains and you have the  rain sheetcinchjeanssaddle pad, and helmet that you bought on Day 1. You've already scoured the clearance merchandise and visited every nook and cranny on Day 2. On Sunday, get your big bags of  dog foodgallon refills of shampoo and fly spray, several hoof picks and sweat scrapersbucketsbrushessupplements. Stock up on horse treatsdewormerleather cleanersponges, and lead ropes.

Not only will this plan help you maximize your Tent Sale experience, it will spread out the shopping so you have time for taking a break and catching your breath. Remember, Mary's provides a free lunch each day for our customers. Sit down at a table, enjoy a hot dog and drink and visit with friends. If you divide the weekend into 2 or 3 shopping days it is more manageable and you won't forget something important. Take advantage of the complimentary shuttle from the parking lot, the free lunch, and the samples and giveaways. We are so excited about Mary's Tack & Feed Tent Sale 2020 and look forward to seeing you there - every day!