English Tall Boots for Women & Men

Most people can admire the stylish look of a well-dressed English equestrian sporting traditional tall riding boots. They look amazing, especially at a high level Grand Prix or Olympic equestrian competition. Perhaps you've wondered why most English riders wear these lovely tall boots. Are they a prerequisite for riding or are they simply a fashion statement?

Truth be told, tall riding boots may look fabulous, but they are not simply an element of style. It's more about function than looks. Classic riding boots traditionally come up to the knee for a reason. The tall boots are designed to prevent the leathers of the tack from digging into or pinching the leg of the rider. For those that participate in field hunting, the tall field boot is also protective against brush and obstacles like fences. A heel is also a must because it prevents the foot of the rider from slipping out of the stirrup. Though some of today's English riding boots feature a somewhat smaller heel, the heel is a vital component of any riding boot.

The Best in English Riding Boots

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From boot bags to boot trees, Mary's Tack and Feed stocks the essentials that you need to keep your riding boots in the best possible condition. There is even an excellent boot care kit that makes the perfect gift for any rider. You will find all the top brands in English riding boots including the best-selling Ariat Tall Boots. There is a selection of Tredstep, Mountain Horse, and Veredus as well. We carry classic field boots, dress boots for dressage, and modern style hybrids so popular in the jumper arena.

Whether you are searching for competition-style boots or those for casual riding, you will find it at Mary's Tack and Feed. A well-fitted pair of riding boots makes all the difference and can help you step up your game in the show ring or enjoy countless wonderful rides at home. Get a leg up on the competition with the right boots at Mary's!