Shop our affordable prices in Western saddle cinches from Mary's Tack. Keep your saddle in place with a well-fitting girth for Western saddles for casual trail riders, pleasure, and ranch horse competitors. A loose saddle or uncomfortable cinch can be painful for your horse and dangerous for you, which is why we have an extensive selection of premium Western cinches. Choose from durable, sturdy cinches with stainless steel hardware and no-chafe padding that work well with several styles of Western saddles. We have show ring saddle cinches with classic Western flourishes and roping cinches designed to resist twisting or sliding.

Shop our American handcrafted mohair cinches with a Western floral motif on the hardware. In addition to its rich texture and soft feel, mohair can be twisted and pulled again and again without losing its shape, making it a good-looking and durable choice. Plus, this natural fiber from Angora goats wicks away moisture. Western mohair horse cinches are low maintenance and most dirt and dust can be brushed or shaken off. We have horse girths, pony cinches and cinches with wool for Western horsemen. Our famous-maker roper cinches have non-slip neoprene liners with sure-grip waffle texture that move with the horse during ranch work or competition. A roper cinch has a wider center for equalizied pressure over the girth area and heavy-duty hardware for durability.

We have been outfitting Western riders and their horses since we opened our flagship Mary's Tack & Feed store in horse and ranching country in Southern California in 1963. We have served generations of Western riders from far and wide who visit our store for horse tack, barn and stall supplies, feed and horse care products. Today, we have customers from around the world shop our online collections of Western apparel, hats, Western boots, cinches, Western roping girths and top brands in Western saddles. Visit our Clearance Corner page for exceptional bargains for Western horse riders.