Weaver Justin Dunn Bitless Bridle

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From Weaver Leather, this Bitless Bridle is made in collaboration with Justin Dunn, according to the principles of horsemanship he believes in. The Justin Dunn Bitless Bridle seeks to improve horse and rider communication by using pressure, not force, to ask the horse to respond. The nose design is a key element, with two knots that are carefully placed to encourage the horse to give to pressure and facilitate release.
Beautiful authentic Hermann Oak russet harness leather has rawhide loops at the crown, extra durable kangaroo lace tie bit ends, and stainless steel engraved cart buckles with handsome black accents. Noseband is premium tan rope. Nice looking Western tack that gets the job done effectively and kindly. Bitless bridles are an excellent choice for horses with a hard mouth, those that have been overbitted in the past, or horses that respond better to other areas of pressure than the tongue and bars. Useful for young horses, those with mouth or jaw issues, or for trail riding.

  • Hermann Oak harness leather with premium tan rope nose