Kavalkade Everyday Bridle


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Kavalkade Everyday Bridle

The Kavalkade Everyday Bridle for horses has smart convenience features like quick, simple adjustments, and carabiner clips for the cheeks and throat latch. The Everyday Bridle is made with supple oiled leather with small decorative accents on the noseband and browband. A removable flash gives you options for different bits and riding disciplines. The Kavalkade Everyday Bridle in Dark Brown/Black or Brown/Light Brown comes with matching soft leather reins with a layer of rubber for grip.

  • Oiled leather
  • Carabiner fasteners
  • Highly adjustable
  • Angled throat latch
  • Removable flash
  • Anatomic padded crown
  • Soft leather/rubber reins

The Everyday Bridle from Kavalkade is ideal for busy equestrians who need to tack up efficiently. The carabiner attachments and large buckles with oval holes are so easy to fasten and adjust. Your horse will appreciate the comfort of the angled throat latch and anatomically shaped crown with thick, soft padding. The curved plain raised browband and noseband have contrast colored leather trim that adds a stylish touch. The carabiner to attach the bit is secured with a leather backing for stability and prevents contact with the horse's face. Oiled leather is strong, durable, and resists moisture, making it a great choice for daily riding in many climates. As with other oiled leather tack, avoid contact with other leather, light fabrics, and surfaces that could absorb oil.

(No reviews yet)