Stubben Freedom Bridle


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Stubben Freedom Bridle with Removable Flash

The Stubben Freedom Bridle with removable flash has unique shaping and features designed with horse comfort in mind. It's beautiful, too! Innovative Freedom Bridle from Stubben has hinged cheek pieces that give the horse a wider field of vision. The crown and browband avoid all the ear muscles that horse's need for comfortable ear movement. The headstall and throat latch of the Freedom Bridle are carefully positioned to avoid pressure on sensitive areas.

  • Fine leather
  • Innovative design
  • Clears all 16 ear muscles
  • Won't obstruct vision
  • Removable flash
  • Ebony, Black
  • Does Not Include Reins

The Stubben Freedom Bridle considers the horse's anatomy and way of moving in its design. The bridle allows the horse to move more comfortably and confidently. Traditionally designed horse bridles often have cheek pieces too close to the horse's eyes. You can see immediately that the eye area is completely free of bridle parts. The softly padded ergonomic crown ensures the horse can move his ears easily, a key method for horses to take in information and communicate. The Stubben Freedom Bridle with removable flash comes in Black or Ebony. This bridle does not include reins.

(No reviews yet)