Spectra Shield Flea & Tick Collar Medallion for Dogs

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Spectra Shield Flea & Tick Collar Medallions provide all the protection of spot-on treatments but without the mess and hassle. With a snap, the Spectra Shield medallion attaches to your dog's collar and provides 4 months of protection against fleas & ticks. Continuously releases small amounts of active ingredients - eliminating the need for gloppy, monthly treatments. Great for active barn dogs.

  • 3 sizes available
  • Can be worn during bathing or swimming
  • For dogs 6 months of age and older

SpectraShield Flea & Tick Medallions are effective, easy to use and great for your active dog. Protect your dog against fleas and ticks the easy way!

Active Ingredients:
  • Zetacypermethrin ....... 10%
  • Piperonyl Butoxide ...... 20%