Comet LED Collar for Dogs

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Comet LED Safety Collar for Dogs

Comet Collar has a bright LED integrated in the buckle so your dog can be seen easily and stay safe. The Comet LED Collar made with tough nylon, has a heavy-duty O-ring, and features an LED light that can be switched on when needed. The Comet Collar increases safety by making your dog more visible in darkness or poor weather. If your dog is more visible it reduces the chance of an accident. The safety collar for dogs is comfortable and can be worn all day.

  • Tough nylon
  • Unique clasp protects light
  • Two flashing modes or continuous light
  • Includes USB charger

The buckle of the Comet Collar has a unique clasp that protects the LED light up to a meter underwater. The battery is tested to -20 degrees Celsius, so it will work even in harsh conditions. The Comet Collar includes a USB charger. A 30 minute charge provides up to 6 hours of continuous illumination. The charge will last longer if the LED light is switched off when not needed. You can keep the light on continuous shine mode or switch to two different flashing modes.  Even during the daytime or at the dog park, the Comet Collar is a valuable tool for letting you and others know where your dog is at all times.


  • Small      0.60"  wide x 13.5-16" long
  • Medium   0.75"  wide x 16-20"   long
  • Large      1.00"  wide x 20-25"   long
(No reviews yet) Write a Review