Myler Low Port Mullen Barrel Loose Ring MB 06 - Level 2-3

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From Myler, the Low Port Mullen Barrel Bit in a Loose Ring is a Level 2-3 Myler bit with MB 06 mouthpiece. This stainless steel bit has copper inlay to encourage horse to salivate and soften. This English riding bit is recommended for horses that have mastered basic training concepts and are accepting of bit tongue pressure. Also suitable for more seasoned horses whose dispositions may be a challenge. Ergonomically designed according to the Myler bitting system and philosophy, these popular horse bits increase communication between rider and horse and allow training to progress.

Available in several sizes and eligible for Mary's Bit Rental Program, which allows you to try the bit to make sure it works well for your horse. This Myler horse bit is USEF dressage legal. NOT FEI dressage legal or USEA eventing dressage legal. Consult organization's rule book for more information.

This bit is eligible for Mary's Bit Rental Program. Click now for details!