Myler Low Port Mullen Barrel Dee - MB 06 - Level 2-3 - DRESSAGE LEGAL

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Myler Low Port Mullen Barrel Dee

Myler Low Port Mullen Barrel Bit with MB 06 mouth for Level 2-3 horses. Stainless steel medium dee bit has a stainless steel mouthpiece with copper inlay. The bit does not rotate onto the tongue and the slight 1/4" port offers tongue relief. Level 2-3 Myler bits are created for horses that have a good foundation, good disposition, and can handle additional tongue relief. Also a good choice for horses that are further along in training but have disposition challenges, like anxiety, aggression, and fear.

This Myler dee ring snaffle bit is USEF dressage legal, but not FEI dressage legal or USEA eventing dressage legal. Please consult your organization's rule book for more detailed information. To determine your horse's Myler bit size, use a wooden dowel or spoon handle where the bit would go. When horse is relaxed, mark the wood and measure between the two marks. If between sizes, go up to the next size to allow proper fit (at least 1/8"-1/4" of bit showing on each side of mouth)

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