Myler Low Port Comfort Snaffle Loose Ring MB-04 - Level 2

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Myler Low Port Comfort bit in a Loose Ring with MB 04 mouthpiece. Myler Level 2 bit is polished stainless steel. Copper inlay mouth helps encourage salivation for a softer mouth. The 3" loose rings allow for less interference since the rings slide around the bit with less leverage. Center barrel will rotate on the tongue and is wide enough to apply distributed tongue pressure. The low port allows the horse to swallow when he relaxes and moves forward. Bars of the bit are curved to wrap the bars and lips of the horse's mouth without pinching. Independent side movement to assist rider with more precise cueing when balancing, bending, or lifting a shoulder.

The MB 04 mouthpiece is a good transition from Level 1 to Level 2 Myler bits. Recommended for use on green horses or for tuning up ones that haven't been ridden in a while. Suitable also for experienced horses that haven't used Myler bits before or have been ridden in single jointed snaffles. This is a Level 2 Myler bit that is USEF dressage legal. Please consult the USEF rule book for more information. NOT FEI dressage legal or USEA eventing dressage legal. Consult organization's rule book for more information.

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  • Low Port Comfort MB -04 mouthpiece
  • Loose Ring
  • Level Two bit