Myler Low Port Comfort Snaffle Eggbutt - MB 04 - Level 2 - DRESSAGE LEGAL

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Myler Eggbutt Low Port Comfort Snaffle has the MB 04 mouthpiece. Myler stainless steel 3.5" eggbutt without hooks is a Level 2 English horse bit. The stainless steel low ported comfort snaffle has copper inlay. Ron, Dale and Bob Myler created their line of Myler Bits knowing that the bit is a communication tool between the horse and rider. To communicate effectively with the horse, the rider needs to use a bit which allows the horse to relax so it can listen. Keeping this in mind, the Myler Bitting System is based on the concept of tongue relief.

The common jointed snaffle mouthpiece applies constant pressure by collapsing on the tongue and inhibiting the horse's ability to swallow. This nutcracker effect means the horse can't swallow and he can't move forward relaxed. The unique designs of Myler Bits offer varying degrees of tongue relief for the horse depending on his level of training and his disposition. This Low Port Comfort Snaffle Eggbutt Bit for Level 2 horses is available in sizes: 5", 5.5".

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