Myler Comfort Snaffle Loose Ring - MB 01 - Level 1

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This Myler Loose Ring Comfort Snaffle features the MB 01 mouth. The 3" Loose Ring cheek pieces are made of stainless steel. The mouth is composed of stainless steel with copper inlay. Copper improves the palatability of the bit and encourages the horse to salivate more, helping to create a softer mouth.

The curved mouth is designed to relieve pressure on the tongue, allowing the horse to relax and focus. The rolling barrel applies a targeted amount of pressure while still enabling the horse to swallow. This bit is a Myler Level 1. It comes in two sizes: 5 and 5.5. This bit may be legal to use in your dressage competition. Please refer to the USEF rulebook (Pages DR26-30) for detailed information.

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