Myler Comfort Snaffle Wide Barrel Eggbutt- MB 02 - Level 1 - DRESSAGE LEGAL

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The Myler Eggbutt Comfort Snaffle Wide Barrel bit is a Level 1 Myler bit. It features a stainless steel 3.5" Eggbutt without hooks and a stainless steel Comfort Snaffle Wide Barrel (MB 02) copper inlay mouth. The copper inlay will encourage salivation and bit acceptance. Level 1 bits are a good choice for a younger horse or one that needs more training support.

The eggbutt is popular with dressage riders who like a bit that won't pinch the horse's lips and provides more stability than a loose ring. It is available in size 5. This bit is designed to be legal to use in dressage competition. Please refer to the USEF rulebook.

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