Myler Comfort Snaffle14 mm Eggbutt - MB 02 - Level 1 - DRESSAGE LEGAL

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This Myler Comfort Snaffle Eggbutt bit is a Level 1 bit for young horses, those new to Myler bits, dressage horses, and those who require more tongue pressure at this stage in their training. The Myler 02 mouth has a wide center barrel that rotates fully onto the tongue. This applies tongue pressure to teach the horse to give to the bit or break at the poll. The bit bars are curved so it won't pinch when the bit rotates and also makes more room for the horse's tongue under the bit.

The wider 14 mm cheekpiece distributes the bar and lip pressure over a wider surface for greater comfort, while the tapered mouth allows more room for the tongue. The barrel in the center applies similar pressure as a traditional 3-piece mouth but distributes the pressure more gently and allows independent side movement. Eggbutt bit without hooks is made of stainless steel with a coppery inlay mouth. It is legal for USEF dressage, FEI dressage, and USEA eventing dressage. Myler recommends consulting your organization's rule book for specific information.

  • Myler # 89-2913
  • Level 1 bit
  • 02 mouth
  • Dressage legal

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