Mikmar Legacy Loose Ring Bit

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Mikmar Legacy Loose Ring Bit

The Mikmar Legacy Loose Ring is a double jointed Western snaffle with copper roller link for extra salivation and tongue activity. The French Link/roller snaffle has a sweet iron mouth with copper inlays. Mikmar loose ring bit works well for everyday riding, starting young horses, and reschooling. It's a nicely balanced bit that helps the rider develop a good feel and encourage responsiveness.

Beautiful Mikmar Legacy bit has a unique cheek style with a slot to attach the bridle, giving the bit stability. The mouthpiece still moves along the rest of the ring, but there's added control and consistency. The Legacy Loose Ring has attractive antique bronze rings and German Silver trim.

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  • Mikmar LEG700
  • Headstall attachment slot
  • Antique bronze with German Silver trim
  • Copper roller mouth

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