Western Saddles & Tack

Western Saddles & Tack

The history of Western saddles and riding tack reflects the working relationship between horse and rider. From the earliest days of horseback riding some 4000 years ago, intrepid horsemen rode bareback. Over time, improvements based on necessity helped the simple saddle cloth evolve into simple leather saddles. For hunting, battle, and general riding comfort, saddles with stirrups made horsemanship easier. As the relationship between horses and people grew into a formidable force, riding tack continued to change and improve. Riding tack includes everything from saddles and stirrups to bridles, headstalls, and reins. Today's Western saddle evolved from the needs of Spanish vaqueros, or cowboys, who were responsible for managing livestock. Throughout civilization, saddles and tack have been modified to fit the different jobs of horses and riders.

At Mary's Tack and Feed, you will find saddles and tack that fit every discipline of horse riding including the simple enjoyment of riding a horse. You will love the great selection of Western saddles. Every rider knows that it is important for the saddle to be a perfect fit for both the person in the saddle as well as the horse. It's especially vital if the rider will be in the saddle for long periods of time, riding over rough terrain, or competing. That's why offers such a wide array of saddles and tack.

Discover Mary's Selection of Western Saddles & Tack

You will discover tack that is ideal for barrel racing, cutting cattle, Western Pleasure classes, or spending an invigorating afternoon on the trail enjoying nature. Whether you require a working saddle for everyday use on the ranch or one that will make you stand out in an equestrian competition, you will find exactly what you are looking for at Mary's Tack and Feed. Choose from leather or synthetic saddles, with simple designs or classic tooling and conchos. There is a saddle to fit everyone's budget as well as their Western riding needs.

Since 1963, Mary's Tack and Feed in Del Mar, CA has been offering riders the best in quality riding equipment. What started out in California as 600 square feet has grown to a more than 12,000 square feet superstore! And thanks to the convenience of the internet, the saddle and tack selection is accessible to people outside the Golden State. The saddle really has had quite a journey from its beginning centuries ago. Modern riders are fortunate to benefit from all the outstanding comfort and performance features of Western saddles today.