Find the Perfect Bit: Mary's Bit Rental Program

19th May 2020

Find the Perfect Bit: Mary's Bit Rental Program

"What if it doesn't work?"

"What if I can't exchange it because it's already been in my horse's mouth?"

"What if I find out I need something just a little bigger?"

We heard your questions and we're here with an answer we know you'll love...

Mary's Bit Rental Program!

Here is how the Mary's Bit Rental Program works:

Pay for the bit, plus an additional $10 Rental Fee (non-refundable). When you receive the bit, try it on your horse for up to one week [7 days]. If the bit works well for your horse, you do nothing. Happy riding!

If this isn't the bit for your horse, simply call for a Return Authorization within 7 days of receipt of the bit, clean the bit, and return it for a full refund of your purchase price.

Here are a few new bits that might work great for your horse... but you won't know 'till you try!

Check out this Neue Schule Verbinded Bradoon

or this Myler Triple Barrel Mullen

a lot of horses like the lateral support from the Herm Sprenger Dynamic RS Dee

Reinsman has revolutionary bits like this Gentle Guide Snaffle

Whatever kind of horse you ride, or discipline you train, we have lots of bits that can help you & your horse reach their maximum potential by clearly communicating while keeping them comfortable. Check out our selection of English Bits or Western Bits at

It's simply a great program that allows you to figure out exactly what will work for your horse while saving you money. Because no one wants to be buying bits just to have them hang in the tack room, doomed never to be used again.

If you're ready to take the uncertainty out of your English or Western bit purchase, give us a call at 800.551.6279 to arrange your rental. It could revolutionize the way you ride!

The Fine Print:

After 7 days, your bit purchase is final and non-refundable.

The Rental Fee is non-refundable.

Though we rarely have these problems, Mary's reserves the right to refuse the return of any rental bit that is dirty or not in working condition, as determined by Mary's management.

Not all bits are eligible for the Bit Rental program. Please call 800.551.6279.

Mary's follows a strict bit sanitizing protocol on all returned bits with your horse's health in mind.

Questions or comments? Need some bit-picking tips so you can become a pro bit picker? No matter what it is, Mary’s is ready to help you out. Our savvy buyers love doling out advice on their very favorite topics, so leave us a note in the comments or give us a call at 1.800.551.6279. We can’t wait to hear from you!