Fager Sofia Titanium Weymouth

Fager Bits USA

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Fager Sofia Titanium Weymouth 5cm and 7cm

Fager Sofia Titanium Weymouth in 5cm or 7cm cheek length has a unique titanium mouthpiece designed to give tongue relief to the sensitive horse. The high port is curved forward to put more pressure on the tongue when the curb rein is engaged. The Fager Sofia Weymouth makes it easier for the horse to accept a double bridle since there is more room for the bradoon behind the bit. The Fager Sofia Weymouth encourages the horse to relax, connect, and not fall behind.

  • USEF and FEI Dressage Legal
  • Anoblast Titanium
  • Lightweight, no taste
  • Includes curb chain and hooks
  • 5cm and 7cm cheek lengths
  • 14mm mouthpiece

The Sofia Titanium Weymouth is made with the Fager Anoblast process that leaves a smooth, durable, strong metal that has no taste and is warm to the touch. It is hypoallergenic and a smart choice for horses that get wounds and skin irritations from other bits. The lightweight 14mm Sofia mouthpiece works well for horses with a small mouth and therefore less room for a Weymouth and bradoon. When paired with the Fager Madeleine Jointed or Double Jointed Bradoon, the Sofia Weymouth is even better. This Fager bit is FEI and USEF legal for dressage competition. This bit is eligible for Mary's Bit Rental Program. Click now for details!

(No reviews yet)