Hackamores and Combos

English Hackamores and Combo Bits in Stock with Rental Options Available

English hackamores and combo bits at Mary's Tack and Feed deliver top quality and custom bridle setups at competitive prices.

Hackamore Bit vs. Combo Bit

Whether you're jumping, eventing or engaging in other styles of English riding, the bridle setup you use can affect overall performance. Mary's Tack and Feed carries a wide variety of hackamore bits and combo bits so you can create a custom setup that suits your ability level and the personality of your horse. In general, a hackamore provides a way to communicate with your horse without a bit in their mouth. Combo bits, as the name implies, combine elements of a hackamore and a snaffle bit or other mouthpiece to allow more direct pressure to the horse's mouth and nose.

English Bit Rental Program

Browse our inventory of English hackamores and combo bits to find the perfect complement to your tack. Choosing the right bit can be daunting and may require some trial and error, especially if you're a new rider or a trainer working with many different horses. Try any metal mouthed bit with our English Bit Rental Program. You and your horse can ride in any metal mouthed bit of your choice for a full week. If it's a great fit, carry on! If not, return the clean bit and we'll refund your full purchase price.

English Hackamore and Combo Bit Brands

Find all your favorite brands of English hackamore and combo bits at Mary's Tack and Feed. Browse high-quality offerings from Herm Sprenger, Mikmar, Happy Mouth, Nathe and more to complement your English saddle and tack. If you don't see the specific combo bit you're interested in listed in our inventory, contact us to see about a special order.

Mary's Tack and Feed has been a proud member of the Southern California equestrian community since 1963. We're happy to help make your riding, training or showing experience better with our great inventory and knowledgeable service.