Myler Forward Tilt Low Port Barrel 3 Ring Combination

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Myler Forward Tilt Low Ported Barrel 3 Ring Combination MB-36, Level 2-3

Myler Forward Tilt Low Ported Barrel 3-Ring Combination Bit offers tongue relief without palate pressure as an alternative to a mullen mouthpiece. The MB 36 mouth has a 1" high wide port that tilts forward so it applies tongue pressure when reins are engaged. The bit acts on the bars and lip but will not pinch thanks to the curved mouthpiece. There is more tongue relief than a Level 2 bit but the tongue is more restricted than with a higher ported bit.

  • MB-36 mouth
  • Independent Side Movement
  • Flat leather noseband with knotted cord on sides
  • Synthetic no-stretch chin strap
  • Sweet Iron mouthpiece with copper inlay
  • Purchase slightly angled away from cheek to prevent rubbing

The Forward Tilt Low Ported Barrel Bit from Myler has a 6 inch 3-ring cheek that combines the effects of a ring, shank, and hackamore with five pressure points to spread out the rein pressure. When reins are engaged the horse will feel nose, chin, and poll pressure first. The mouthpiece can slide one inch before stopping so there is more time for the horse to react. This means the horse can respond to the cue before feeling the tongue, bar, and lip pressure. If you attach reins to the big ring, there will be no leverage as it acts like a direct rein snaffle. Attaching reins to the middle or lower ring enacts mild leverage that will engage the nose, chin, and poll pressure. Handy Myler combination bit can be used for English and Western disciplines. See if the Myler Forward Tilt Low Ported Barrel 3-Ring Combination is right for your horse with the Mary's Bit Rental Program.

(No reviews yet)