CATAGO FIR-Tech Elegant Bandages

CATAGO Equestrian

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CATAGO FIR-Tech Elegant Bandages

The CATAGO FIR-Tech Elegant Bandages are soft fleece leg bandages with FIR-Tech therapeutic benefits to support better circulation and wellness. The fabric has undetectable ceramic particles that reflect body heat back into tissues as far infrared. Far Infrared heat can widen blood vessels to help alleviate inflammation, tension, aches, and discomfort. They can also help tendon and ligaments warm up and prepare for work.

  • Set of 4
  • FIR-Tech ceramic therapy
  • Supportive, stretchy
  • 12' length
  • Increases circulation
  • Brownie, Folkstone Grey, Light Mahogany
  • Elegant trim

Elegant leg bandages are a soft, low profile fleece with hook and loop closure and fancy trims. CATAGO FIR-Tech polo wraps conform to the leg to ensure maximum benefit with even contact. Set of four CATAGO FIR-Tech Elegant Bandages give your horse support, comfort, and relief in sophisticated style. One size.

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