CATAGO FIR-Tech Elegant Dressage Boots

CATAGO Equestrian

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FIR-Tech Elegant Dressage Boots

Try CATAGO FIR-Tech Elegant Dressage Boots on your dressage horse for support, protection, and quicker warm up. FIR-Tech dressage boots have a hard shell in back for impact protection plus ventilated cushioning 3D Mesh. The soft material inside has ceramic fiber technology that helps increase blood flow for faster warm up of tendons and soft tissues. The FIR-Tech Elegant Dressage Boots from CATAGO are well-ventilated and have an adjustable fit.

  • 3D Mesh and Hard Shell
  • Soft FIR-Tech lining
  • Elastic straps
  • Ventilated
  • Trim colors Brownie, Light Mahogany, Folkstone Grey
  • One Pair

CATAGO FIR-Tech Elegant Dressage Boots protect the flexor tendon from impacts and have a strap under the fetlock to support the suspensory and flexor tendons. The flexible anatomic fit and elastic straps ensure a great fit for these closed front horse boots. Quick release tabs stay secure until ready for you to remove. Handsome black boots have stylish piping in CATAGO colors Light Mahogany, Folkstone Grey, and Brownie.

(No reviews yet)