A to Z Horse Cookies Original and Blonde Bits

A to Z Horse Cookies

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A to Z Horse Cookies Original and Blonde Bits

A to Z Horse Cookies in Original and Blonde Bits varieties are absolutely delicious horse treats that are made with the finest human grade ingredients. A to Z Original Lite Molasses Horse Cookies are made with oat bran, oats, flax and molasses. A to Z Blonde Bits of Health Horse Cookies are made with organic agave, making them the perfect cookie for horses with special nutritional needs. They have the freshness and flavor of homemade horse treats but with much greater convenience!

  • Made in the USA in small batches
  • No wheat - made with Oat Bran
  • Blonde Bits sweetened with Agave
  • Original sweetened with Lite Molasses
  • Several sizes
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging in most sizes

A to Z Horse Cookies are made in small batches in the USA. The texture is soft enough to conceal pills, making them perfect for horses that need medication. The Blonde Bits of Health variety is made with agave, the only natural sweetener that will not spike blood sugar levels in humans and animals. I you have a horse that is Insulin Resistant (IR), has Cushing's disease, or has issues with Laminitis Blond Bits of Health Treats are made just for you. Whichever flavor you choose, Original oat/molasses or Blonde Bits of Health agave, your horse will love you!

A to Z Horse Cookies is moving toward eco-friendly packaging to reduce micro plastics in the environment. Thank you, A to Z!

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