Trick Treat Horse Treats

Mary's Tack & Feed

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Trick Treat Horse Treats

Try new Trick Treat, a special horse treat from Mary's Tack & Feed. We love our horses and love to give them tasty treats as a reward. These Trick Treats do the trick nicely! The grain-free horse cookies are low starch with no added sugar and horses love the flavor. The trick is that your horse or pony won't know they're getting a healthy treat!

  • High fiber
  • Low starch
  • Grain-free
  • No sugar added
  • Apple Flavor
  • 3 lb resealable container
  • Ingredients: Alfalfa Hay (chopped), Oat Hay (chopped), Dried Apple Pomace, Apple Flavor, Sorbic Acid & Propionic Acid (preservatives)

Trick Treats are a blend of alfalfa hay and oat hay with dried apple pomace and flavor that combine for a great taste and texture. The treats can be broken into smaller pieces. There's no grain and no added sugar to interfere with your horse's regular diet. Very affordable, delicious, and nutritious Trick Treat horse cookies from Mary's Tack & Feed come in a resealable three pound container.

(No reviews yet)