EquiFit Pack-N-Stick Hoof Tape

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EquiFit Pack-N-Stick Hoof Tape

Packing and taping hooves just got a whole lot easier with EquiFit's Pack-N- Stick Hoof Tape. Any horse owner who has dealt with an abscess, stone bruise, or painful hoof ailment knows the frustration of mangled duct tape and a cranky, sore horse. This will make hoof care so much easier just when you need it to be. Tape is pre-cut and anatomically shaped so it's easy to place and secure properly on the hoof. Heavy duty adhesive keeps it in place till you want to remove it. Does not leave a sticky residue.

Though your woven duct tape grid is undoubtedly the best in the barn, this EquiFit tape will get the job done quicker and more efficiently. No more cutting, trying to tear when you can't find scissors, or cutting more pieces after you botched up the first three. Just pack the hoof, cover with a layer of cotton (do not use Vetrap), then apply hoof tape starting at the heel. Press edges to hoof wall and you're done. EquiFit Pack-N-Stick Hoof Tape is smart to add to your horse health care supplies before you actually need it!

  • One size fits most
  • Black
  • Single use
  • Intended for shod horses
  • Sold individually or in economical packs of 12 or 48

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