Mary's Bit Rental Program

Don't know which size bit your horse needs? Are you unsure which bit will work well for your horse? Take advantage of Mary's Bit Rental Program that is available on most bits. For a small rental fee, you can ride your horse in the bit. If the bit works well, you simply keep it. If not, send it back for a hassle free, full refund of your purchase price. Take the uncertainty out of your bit purchase!

Here's how it works: 
Pay for the bit plus the $10 (English or Western Bit) Rental Fee (non-refundable). Try the bit on your horse for up to one week [7 days]. If the bit works well, you do nothing. If this isn't the bit for your horse, simply call for a Return Authorization within 7 days of receipt of the bit, clean the bit, and return it for a full refund of the purchase price.

Here's the Fine Print:
After 7 days, your bit purchase is final and non-refundable. Rental/Trial Fee is non-refundable. Mary's reserves the right to refuse the return of any rental bit that is dirty or unusable, as determined by Mary's management. Mary's follows a strict sanitizing protocol on all returned bits. Any questions? Please call 800.551.6279.

Due to risk of damage and difficulty of sanitization, rubber, plastic, and leather mouthpiece bits are not eligible for Mary's Bit Rental Program.

Please call 1.800.551.MARY(6279) to talk to any of our experienced sales associates for additional information and program details. Get the bit that’s right for you – with Mary’s Bit Rental Program.

The agreement by and between the person placing the order (purchaser) and Mary’s Tack & Feed is entered into as of the date the order is placed. Purchaser agrees to return the bit postmarked no later than 7 days after the bit has been received (due date). Purchaser further agrees that after the due date the bit purchase shall be final and the purchaser shall have no further right to return the bit. Rental fee is non-refundable. Mary’s reserves the right to refuse the return of any rental bit that is dirty or not in working condition in the opinion of Mary’s Tack & Feed.