WintecLite HART All Purpose D'Lux Saddle


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WintecLite HART All Purpose D'Lux Saddle

The WintecLite HART All Purpose D'Lux Saddle offers lightweight comfort and performance for both horse and rider. Wintec synthetic English saddle can be used for riding on the flat, small jumps, and low level dressage, making it perfect for eventing. Wintec saddle fans love the Easy-Change gullet, Elastiflex tree, and CAIR Cushion System as well as the soft balanced seat. The HART in the saddle name stands for Horse And Rider Technology. This group of fit and comfort technologies add tremendous value to this affordable saddle.

  • Weighs just 8.8lbs
  • Black deluxe Equi-Suede
  • Long synthetic billet system
  • Adjustable, flexible

HART Horse And Rider Technology:

  • Elastiflex Tree
  • CAIR Cushion System
  • EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution (Easy-change gullet plus easy change riser)
  • Performance Panel Technology
  • Comfort Seat Technology

The WintecLite All Purpose D'Lux Saddle with HART reduces the weight on your horses back and ensures a proper fit with soft panels, Elastiflex tree, and the famous Easy-Change gullet and risers. The AP D'Lux saddle has a classic look plus updated black Equi-Suede fabric for good grip and easy care. Mary's lets you ride in the WintecLite All Purpose D'Lux Saddle before you commit to buying it with Mary's Saddle Trial Program! Please read the details of Mary's Saddle Trial Program and let us know if you have any questions!

(No reviews yet)