Weaver Reflective Neoprene Lined Dog Collar 3/4"

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For active dogs that love to enjoy life to the fullest, Weaver's Reflective Neoprene Lined Collar is up to the challenge. This practical dog collar is made of rugged nylon in 3/4" width. Each collar has a reflective safety stripe that's woven into the nylon, not printed on. Reflective tape that's printed on can rub and flake off. Collar has an anodized aluminum buckle and dee that are exceptionally durable. Nylon is doubled and stitched for extra toughness. Lined with a contrast neoprene that's cushioning and comfortable, and stylish, of course. The Weaver Reflective Neoprene Lined Collar is ready to take your dog into the surf, through the mud, and exploring out on the trail in comfort.

To determine your dog's collar size, measure with a plastic or cloth measuring tape around the base of the neck where the collar will go. There should be enough room to slip one finger comfortably between the tape and your dog's neck. That measurement is your dog's neck size and his corresponding collar size. Weaver collars are designed so you do not have to size up.

  • Black, Blue, Orange (with Blue), Gray, Mint, Red, and Coral (with Grey)
  • Sizes 13", 15", 17"