Terrain DOG Reflective Harness - 3/4" Small (13"-20")

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Terrain DOG Reflective Dog Harness - 3/4" Small (13"-20")

Terrain DOG Reflective Small Dog Harness at Mary's is a 3/4" nylon adjustable harness dog collar w/ reflective stripe and neoprene comfort lining. The Reflective Harness is for adventurous little dogs on the go! Harness design is a great choice for dogs that may tug on the leash or have a neck and head that easily slips out of conventional collars. The Terrain DOG harness is lined with neoprene at the belly and chest straps so pressure is distributed for greater comfort. There are four slide adjustments so you can achieve just the right fit for your dog. Four great color choices! Safety reflective stripe in a checkerboard pattern is woven-in so it's permanent. Your dog will be more visible in low light conditions.

To determine your dog's harness size, use a cloth or plastic flexible measuring tape. Measure in inches around the body, just behind the front legs, to get your pet's proper girth size. Don't pull tight- there should be enough room to slip your finger between your dog and the measuring tape. That girth measurement is the harness size.

  • Small neck sizes 13"-20"
  • Grey, Orange, Blue, Black
  • Mary's also carries this harness in larger sizes, as well as the matching Reflective Leash in 4 ft and 6 ft lengths.