Waldhausen X-Line Hackamore Bridle


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Waldhausen X-Line Hackamore Bridle

Waldhausen X-Line Hackamore Bridle is a step above the typical hackamore bridle with its fine leather, anatomic shape, and superior construction. The high quality X-Line collection from Waldhausen  is made by experienced leather artisans using premium materials. The result is a functional, durable hackamore bitless horse bridle with a beautiful look and feel.

  • Waldhausen 95738
  • Anatomically shaped crown
  • Curved browband
  • Softly lined noseband, browband and headpiece
  • Brown, Black
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Includes web reins

The Waldhausen X-Line Hackamore Bridle fits the horse properly with an anatomically shaped crown and curved browband. Softly lined noseband, browband, and crown ensure comfort. The hackamore bit is lined so there's no metal against the horse's mouth and cheek. The X-Line Hackamore Bridle in brown or black leather comes complete with webbed reins.

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