Pro Performance Jump Boots Velcro

Professional's Choice

$56.96 - $79.95
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Pro Performance Jump Boots Velcro Front or Rear

Pro Performance Show Jump Velcro Boots from Professional's Choice offer shock absorption, impact reduction, and ventilation plus easy to use Velcro closures. Horse jump boots have a dual hardness outer shell that reduces the energy from impacts. The interior air cushion absorbs shock and immediately returns to its original shape. An anatomically shaped strike area offers superior fit and performance.

  • Ventilated
  • Shock absorbing
  • Easy to clean, quick to dry
  • Very adjustable
  • Black, Navy
  • Front Pair OR Rear Pair

Professional's Choice Pro Performance Velcro Jump Boots in Front and Rear styles are highly adjustable with the durable Velcro fasteners. The Open Front jump boots allow complete mobility and maximum tendon protection. With the innovative air bag cushion and ventilated shell, Pro Performance Velcro Jump Boots deliver technical performance and convenience. Sold in Pairs, Front or Rear.

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