Myler Sweet Iron Loose Ring - MB 09 - Level 1 - DRESSAGE LEGAL

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Myler Sweet Iron Loose Ring - MB 09. Myler Stainless Steel 3" Loose Ring with Sweet Iron (MB 09) Mouth. LEVEL 1. The creators of Myler Bits, Ron, Dale and Bob Myler, offer a philosophy behind each of their bits: the bit is a communication tool between the horse and rider, and in order to effectively communicate with the horse, the rider needs a bit which allows the horse to be relaxed. Keeping this in mind, the Myler Bitting System is based on the concept of tongue relief. The most common traditional bit, the jointed mouthpiece, applies constant pressure by collapsing on the tongue and inhibiting the horse's ability to swallow. If the horse can't swallow, he can't move forward relaxed. The unique designs of Myler Bits offer varying degrees of tongue relief for the horse depending on his level of training and his disposition. Size: 5.

This bit may be legal to use in your dressage competition. Please see the Myler Dressage Bit Information tab and/or refer to the USEF rulebook (Pages DR26-30) for detailed information.
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A bit of general information and background about Myler bits:

The three Myler brothers - Dale, Ron and Bob - created the unique line of Myler bits that have become the favorite of horsemen all over the world. Ron Myler, a rodeo competitor and professional cutting horse trainer, Bob Myler, a former machinist and welder, and Dale Myler, an experienced horse trainer, collaborated to create the carefully engineered Myler curved mouthpiece that delivers unsurpassed tongue relief and the unique Myler shank that results in a more relaxed horse. The Myler bit line is appreciated by Western, Jumping, Dressage and pleasure riders alike.

  • Size 5 only, fits most horses