Myler Sweet Iron Jointed Loose Ring - MB 09 3/8 - Level 1 - DRESSAGE LEGAL

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The Myler Sweet Iron Jointed Loose Ring features an MB 09 3/8 snaffle mouth. It has a stainless steel 3" loose ring cheek with Sweet Iron 3/8" snaffle mouth. The sweet iron oxidizes to give the bit a taste that appeals to horses and triggers greater salivation. This is a Level 1 bit in the Myler bitting system, intended for green horses or possibly those with training or disposition issues. The loose ring snaffle provides the clear communication needed to get great results.

The Sweet Iron Jointed Loose Ring (MB 09 3/8) by Myler is available in size 5 to fit the average horse. It is intended to be legal for dressage and eventing competitions.
This bit is eligible for Mary's Bit Rental Program. Click now for details! This bit may be legal to use in your dressage competition. Please see the Myler Dressage Bit Information tab and/or refer to the USEF rulebook (Pages DR26-30) for detailed information.

  • Size 5 only, fits most horses