Why Your Horse Wants to Wear a Fly Sheet

Posted by Mary’s Tack & Feed on 30th Apr 2024

Why Your Horse Wants to Wear a Fly Sheet

Best Fly Sheets for Horses

Why Should My Horse Wear a Fly Sheet?

That’s a good question with an easy answer. Protection!

When fly season starts (which can be darn near year-round in some places) you’ll want to stop flies and biting insects from pestering your horse. Not only are these insects annoying, they can cause itchy bites, welts, dermatitis, and worse. Mosquitoes can carry diseases like West Nile Virus. Mosquitoes are jerks.

Fly sprays are part of the solution, but they need to be reapplied frequently. You may not have enough time on your hands to be an equine fly spray concierge. You might need to buy groceries, go to school, or work, for example. Also, some horses (and owners) don’t like fly sprays or have sensitive skin, even with special formulas. A fly sheet gives your horse round-the-clock protection and reduces the amount of fly spray you need to use.

Besides protecting your horse from bites, fly sheets can prevent the sun from bleaching your horse’s coat. Your horse will stay cleaner, too. Hooray!

Now that you know why your horse should wear a fly sheet, let’s look at options. 

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Airflow II Fly Sheet

If your horse is a delicate flower with sensitive skin, check out the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Airflow Fly Sheet. This breathable, silky fly sheet has a neck cover, belly band, and wide tail flap, plus extra cooling and coat protection built in.

Amigo Bug Rug Fly Sheet

The Amigo Bug Buster Vamoose Fly Sheet has No-Fly zone technology. No-Fly Zone is an EPA registered fabric treatment with the active ingredient Permethrin. It is odorless, invisible, and remains effective through 70 washings! This fly sheet also has a neck cover, tail flap, and belly bend for excellent coverage.

Kensington Sure Fit Protective Fly Sheet

One of the most durable fly sheets at Mary’s is the Kensington Sure Fit Protective Sheet. The UV blocking Textilene mesh is gentle on the coat, fly proof, breathable, and resistant to mildew and fading. Even more amazing, this sheet is fire retardant, giving even greater peace of mind to horse owners.

Mary’s Tack & Feed has fly sheetsfly masksfly boots, and fly sprays to make summer more comfortable and safer for your horse, pony, or mini. Come by the store, shop online, or call 800-551-6279 for personal assistance. We will help you select the right size and style to get the job done!

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