Little Giant Deluxe Hen Hydrator

Little Giant

$24.99 - $39.99
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Little Giant Deluxe Hen Hydrator - 2 Sizes

The Little Giant Deluxe Hen Hydrator in 1 Gallon or 3 Gallon size gives your chickens non-stop access to clean water. The covered bucket has four gravity-fed drinking nipples that can accommodate up to four birds each. That means up to sixteen chickens can drink at once, making it perfect for any size backyard flock. The Hen Hydrator has UV protection to prevent the growth of algae and is translucent so you can see the water level and know when to refill. The Deluxe Hen Hydrator prevents dirt and debris from fouling your fowl's water.

  • 1 Gallon, 3 Gallon capacity
  • Little Giant Bucket Handle Grip
  • Accommodates up to 16 birds at once
  • UV protection prevents algae growth
  • Can view water level
  • For adult birds only

Little Giant Deluxe Hen Hydrator has a sloped lid that prevents birds from roosting and is easy to clean. The twist locking lid is convenient and secure. An ergonomic handle makes the hydrator easy to hang while the Little Giant® patented Bucket Handle Grip allows comfortable carrying.
Hang the Hen Hydrator so the drinking nipples are at your bird's eye level. For best results remove all other water sources. Tap each nipple so chickens can see water dripping. Once a few birds begin to drink from it, the others should follow. The Deluxe Hen Hydrator is for adult birds only and should not be used in freezing weather. If you're tired of constantly cleaning dirty water bowls, make life easier for you and your chickens with the Little Giant Deluxe Hen Hydrator.

(No reviews yet) Write a Review