Kensington Uviator CatchMask with Ears Nose

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Kensington Uviator CatchMask with Ears and Removable Nose

Kensington Uviator CatchMask with Ears and Removable Nose is a unique fly mask for horses that delivers 90% UV protection and doubles as a catch halter. The clever design of the Uviator Fly Mask from Kensington makes it practical and convenient, especially for horses in pasture. The Uviator lets you clip a lead rope onto the double locking CatchMask Fastener. No need to remove the fly mask then watch your playful pony trot away across the pasture.

  • KCM-421
  • 90% UV protection
  • Doubles as halter with CatchMask Fastener
  • Kensington Textilene Solar Screen
  • Measure your horse according to size guide
  • 2021 Atlantis plaid

The Kensington Uviator UV Protective Fly Mask has Textilene Solar Screen on the top and sides that blocks 90% of UV rays, helping protect your horse's eyes. The fade resistant, flame resistant Textilene provides a physical barrier against flies and biting insects. The material is breathable and does not transfer heat. This mask has soft ears, a removable nose piece, and a forelock opening. The Kensington Uviator CatchMask may fit smaller than your usual Kensington fly mask. Please consult the measuring chart and measure your horse accordingly before ordering to ensure you get the size your horse needs.

(No reviews yet)