Kavalkade Florina Rolled Snaffle Bridle


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Kavalkade Florina Snaffle Bridle

The elegant Kavalkade Florina Snaffle Bridle with patent leather has an anatomical design, the KavalSH4 removable flash, and a gorgeous rhinestone studded curved browband. With high quality German leather, soft padding, and thoughtful fit, the Kavalkade Florina dressage bridle offers comfort as well as style.

  • Kavalkade 190 47
  • Wide noseband with patent leather
  • Crank noseband with KavalSH4 removable flash
  • Round sewn side straps
  • Curved browband with large white rhinestones
  • Anatomical padded crown
  • Angled throat latch
  • Black, Brown
  • Full, Cob
  • No reins

Kavalkade Florina Snaffle Bridle has round sewn side straps, an angled throat latch, and an anatomical padded crown. The wide noseband with patent leather makes this a lovely, dressy bridle that flatters. Paired with the large clear stones on the browband, the look is unique and sophisticated. Kavalkade Florina Snaffle Bridle has a crank noseband and the KavalSH4 flash that does not leave a visible attachment tab when removed. The Florina Bridle does not include reins. Mary's has the Kavalkade Florina Rolled Softleather Reins, sold separately, to match this bridle perfectly.

(No reviews yet) Write a Review