Jump'in Leather Wrap Lozenge Eggbutt


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Jump'in Leather Wrap Lozenge Eggbutt

Jump'In Leather Wrap Lozenge Eggbutt Bit offers a unique configuration with a leather covered double jointed mouthpiece with lozenge center. The stainless steel mouth is securely wrapped in leather to soften contact and encourage bit acceptance. The center lozenge is German Silver, an alloy that also encourages salivation. The eggbutt cheeks add stability without extra leverage.

  • Jump'in 8C-125/135
  • 20mm mouth
  • 70mm cheeks
  • Size 5, 5.25
  • German Silver mouth (65% copper / 23% zinc / 12% nickel)
  • Leather wrapped mouth

Leather Wrap Lozenge Eggbutt bit from Jump'in has the firmness and durability of metal with the leather covering that softens & makes the bit more acceptable to sensitive horses. The leather wrap will make contact on bars and lips while metal joints and lozenge will contact the center of the tongue. Rinse the bit after each use to prevent residue deposit that can shorten the life of the bit or lead to horse discomfort. Oil the leather only with vegetable oil to maintain softness.

Due to the material used on the mouthpiece, this Jump'in Leather Wrap Lozenge Eggbutt is not eligible for the Mary's Bit Rental program.

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