In Horse We Trust Reins Adjust Dressage

In Horse We Trust

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In Horse We Trust Reins Adjust Dressage

Reins Adjust Dressage Reins from In Horse We Trust use a high tech elastomer to improve your grip and communication. Extra comfortable dressage style Reins Adjust will not get hot, melt, or become sticky and are UV resistant. In fact, the elastomer grip material withstands temperatures ranging from -60 degrees to 200 degrees! Reins Adjust flexible grip reins offer a level of performance superior to rubber reins. The fronts and buckle end of the Reins Adjust Dressage Reins are durable vegetable tanned full grain soft, supple leather. Reins Adjust flexible grip black reins offer superior performance and comfort.

  • Ozone and UV resistant
  • Black leather/black elastomer
  • Black Fixi'T stops
  • Clear Sensi'T stops
  • Made in France
  • Full 57 inches (145 cm) or Cob 49 inches (125 cm)

In Horse We Trust adjustable reins have Sensi'T stoppers (easier to move) that allow a softer contact plus Fixi'T stoppers (harder to move) that keep hands in place. Both types of hand stops can be moved by the millimeter to give you the desired configuration. The hand stops are secure and very comfortable. There are also two Mark stoppers on each side of the Reins Adjust that give the rider visual confirmation of symmetry. Reins Adjust Dressage Reins from In Horse We Trust support better communication, comfort, and performance.

The photo showing the reins in full length are slightly different than the actual reins. There is no white clover leaf on the stops. The Sensi'T stops are clear, not black.

(No reviews yet)