In Horse We Trust Bridle Evolution

In Horse We Trust

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In Horse We Trust Bridle Evolution SOFT T

In Horse We Trust Bridle Evolution features a unique V shaped crown to reduce poll pressure and achieve a comfortable fit. The IHWT Bridle Evolution with flash noseband is a mix of fine leather and Soft T tech material that is lightweight, anti-slip, and very flexible to allow articulation of the jaw and easy respiration. The horse is more comfortable and can relax and listen better. Supple and attractive Bridle Evolution avoids compressing sensitive facial and neck nerves.

English flash bridle from In Horse We Trust is made in Italy with vegetable tanned leather. The Soft T crown and nose are extremely durable, resistant to heat and UV rays, and won't become sticky over time. The narrow rolled browband is an elegant touch and won't overpower the horse's facial structure. The In Horse We Trust Bridle Evolution is sold individually and does not include reins. Reins are sold separately.

  • Made in France
  • Leather with elastomer crown and nose
  • V-shaped comfort crown
  • Comfort+ noseband
  • Reins sold separately
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